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Get the finest quality Solvent Ink, Eco Solvent Ink at pocket-friendly rates....

Colarge is recognized as the eminent distributor of best quality premium digital inks and solutions. We are highly gratified in the market for offering best solutions for all inkjet application and technology that are available in electronics, packaging and textile industries. Besides, due to huge knowledge of ink compatibility, ink feeding systems and print head technology, we are able offer such unmatched quality solutions to our valued patrons. Our range has excellent features in term of quality, performance and value.
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Who Are We?

Colarge is a group of contemporary people, coming together to serve their clients with dehydrated vegetables. Our products range from Solvent Ink to Eco Solvent Ink. At Colarge, we believe that experience is no match to passion, and we are passionate about providing the finest quality of dehydrated vegetables and services at the most suitable prices. Our products are selected to give convenience, freshness and high quality. Dehydrated vegetables are handy, nutrient rich, and give quick energy. New in the dehydrated vegetable industry, we are climbing our way up gradually and impactfully.

Our Professional Service

At Colarge, we aim to achieve success by keeping our customers satisfied. We abide by:

  • Maintaining Transparency
  • Focusing on 100% Quality
  • Punctuality in Delivery
  • Providing Products and Services at Affordable Prices
  • Customer Felicity

About Us

Colarge started off as a passion and hard work driven company where Dehydrated Vegetables of good quality, quantity and creativity at affordable prices were available in bulk. We might have entered into the business a bit late but are here to stay forever by seeping into the hearts of our clients through our products and services.

Our Energetic Team

Our team works like a close-knit family. Everyone here has the same motto, i.e. customer satisfaction. Having a similar goal has helped our company grow drastically within a few months since its development. Every team member contributes to the company with their expertise and creativity. Team is always willing to help clients as and when possible. Our Vision is to innovate new dehydrated vegetables, and spread smiles through our services.

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